What is TMCH?

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  • TMCH Trademark Clearinghouse was created by ICANN as part of the new gTLD initiative, and is an integral mechanism in domain trademark protection. Official operation began on March 26, 2013.

    The Trademark Clearinghouse is a unique, global repository of authenticated information from trademark holders. All trademark holders are able to register for TMCH before or during the release of new gTLD for protection.

TMCH Services

TMCH registration service

Upon submission and payment of a trademark record, the trademark record and the provided information will be verified in order to determine whether: 1) all provided information is accurate and complete and 2) the trademark meets the eligibility requirements as established by these Clearinghouse guidelines.

Sunrise Services:
Sunrise services allow trademark holders an advance opportunity to register domain names corresponding to their marks either defensively or with a view to exploiting a valuable new web address before new names are made available to the public. New gTLD registries are required to offer a Sunrise period of at least 30 days.

Claims Services:
Claims service follows the Sunrise Period. It is a notification service mandated by ICANN for all new gTLDs – to warn both potential domain name registrants as well as trademark holders (with their marks in the Clearinghouse) of possible infringements.


Brand Domain Names Protection TMCH registration service

Guoxu will assist in analyzing the different characteristics of 1339 new TLDs and 200 traditional TLDs and provide clients with the mostcomprehensive top-level domain recommendations.

Provide registration and maintenance services by our global channels.

TMCH Analysis Report:
Include the analysis of the same or similar top-level domains recommended by clients, the most valuable TOP 15 domains and the opening times and prices of each top-level domain.

Help register designated domain names.

Top Level Domain Category: Business, Commerce, Education, Food & Drink, Generic, Geographic, Government, Professional, Industry, Media, Technology Sport, Health, Real Estate, Money & Finance, Internationalized-IDN, Lifestyle & Identity

Brand Domain Names Monitoring

Guoxu provides monitor services, to make sure your trademarks will not be abused on the Internet.

Keyword Monitoring:
According to the client's keywords, monitor all the domain names.

Competitor domain Monitoring:
You can set one or more companies and we will monitor their domain names, and timely update you the changes of their domain names. Then try to explore their development strategies of products, services or brand from the domain perspective. Depending on the information provided by clients, monitor the competitor's domain name changes.


Trademarks in TMCH

Microsoft IBM Alibaba Sina Tencent
Microsoft IBM Alibaba Sina Tencent
Wechat Tenpay Sogou Sohu Alipay
Wechat Tenpay Sogou Sohu Alipay

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